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I did exactly what she said and let FAITH take the wheel and I was floored. I was so excited about how the results turned out. I was able to meet the people I envisioned with an exuberance of opportunities through people I never expected it to come from. I believed, I let go, I relaxed, I stayed positive, I scripted, and the universe delivered!

Checka Cee - GA

Coaching Client

You’ve helped me realize that fear is what is stopping me. Ive worked through a lot of stuff that that religion left behind with my old psychologist (self worth issues, stuff like that) and I just never even thought about why I was feeling this particular fear. I know now and you've given me tools so I can fix it. So thank you. Youre amazing.

S.W. - AUS

Coaching Client

Emma is an insightful and energetic therapist who provides a perspective which is filled with the perfect combination of common sense and psychosocial fact based information. As a male it can be tough to ask for help however, Emma provided a safe environment in which to share and process my obstacles in life. I truly appreciate and value her support through my life challenges.

K.H. - GA

Therapy Patient

I sought help from Emma to address some unresolved personal issues that I had experienced throughout my life. As time progressed, the focus shifted from an individual counseling session to a marriage counseling session. My husband and I both found Emma to be authentically caring, insightful, and spiritually grounded. Emma taught us new techniques, which encouraged us to open our hearts and the lines of communication between us. We are eternally grateful to God for how he used Emma to help and heal our marriage.


Coaching Client

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About Me

Emma J Wallace

Emma J. Wallace, M.Ed., LAPC, NCC

Emma J. Wallace is not your average therapist. She's a mother, a wife, a friend, and a communication expert. She gets to the heart of the matter and focuses on building your toolbox of skills to improve your communication, relationships, and overall mental health. Emma received her Masters in Professional Counseling, with a background in Psychology from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Aside from her education, Emma loves to help people figure out their purpose, so they can get clear on what is really holding them back. Emma has a human centered approach, and she understands how important spirituality, transparency, and acceptance is to breaking down the blocks that are stopping you from reaching your full potential.

In the past 7 years, Emma has worked with parents, singles, couples, and teens from all walks of life. She has served the Metro Atlanta mental health community from a caseworker level to private practice. She has the experience, knowledge, and powerful tools to help you shift your mindset by becoming more aware, while handling everyday obstacles with confidence. The question is, are you ready to make a shift in your life? If so, contact Emma J. Wallace today!

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